Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picture Update

Because I've been busy and neglectful you get a post with a bunch of pictures spanning Sydney's birthday and hit or miss over the last few months.

Many of you probably know that we got a dog back in March. I grew up with dogs, Anne wanted a dog, Sydney wanted a dog. So we got a dog. Several days later Sydney and I were showing signs of suffering some from allergies from the dog. Sydney was wheezing a bit after a few days. We had to take him back to the Rescue we got him from. We were all very sad and disappointed, but we were also very happy that he was adopted the same day we took him back.

This is Roscoe, our four-day dog.

The spring season here was particularly nasty. Everyone had allergies and the people who normally get allergies got them particularly badly. This may have had something to do with our reaction to Roscoe. Or it may not. We might try a dog again but it won't be for several years when Sydney is a bit older and a bit more ready for one.

In early April was Sydney's birthday. So here are a bunch of birthday pictures!

If I remember correctly, the only pictures I took of Sydney opening presents were presents that Grandma B got her. This was the first year Grandma B wasn't able to be here for Sydney's birthday. So I wanted to make sure I got pictures of Sydney with Grandma B's presents so I could post them on the blog in a timely manner so Grandma B could enjoy them.


So here are the present pictures.

More of those coming up later. Sydney only opened a few presents at her party on Saturday. She opened the ones her friends brought her and a few others we let her open. The others we saved for her actual birthday on Monday. The Sunday in between her party and her birthday was Easter. Here's Sydney waiting anxiously to be able to come downstairs on Easter morning.

And her Easter basket.

And Sydney digging into her Easter basket before egg hunting.

The main present Sydney got for her birthday from Mommy and Daddy was...

It's probably just a touch too big for her. And she has no idea how to ride a bike and be able to balance on it. After two failed attempts at putting training wheels on it (the axle is too short so the bolts that would hold them on can't be put on) we have finally taken it to a bike shop. We should get it back in a day or two (yes, it took us all summer to take it in) so she can hopefully ride it on her own.

I had the day off work for Sydney's birthday. As a special birthday treat I took her to our local Build-A-Bear Workshop. She built one of her new best friends, Fuzzy.

The door jam barely visible on the right side of the picture is Sydney's bedroom door. We have her measurements there. On her fifth birthday she was right about four feet tall.

She also insisted on measuring Fuzzy, who was about one foot tall.

Also on her birthday she insisted on taking a picture with Fievel. Remember him?

And Sydney once again got birthday balloons from Great Grandma Monette.

And Sydney got to open more birthday presents on Monday (her actual birthday). These pictures are Grandma B presents again. I think.

One day Sydney asked if she could take a picture with the camera. She decided she would take one of her various art supplies here in the office.

One morning Sydney crawled into bed with us and then zonked out. I was already zonked out and Anne got up and got the camera.

At the beginning of the summer Sydney asked if she could cut her hair shorter. She felt her hair was too heavy and too hot and she wanted it shorter.

And found this picture of this funny looking kid on the camera so I decided to post it here.