Friday, November 06, 2009

Picture Update

Grandma B wrote:

As long as you throw in a picture of Sydney, it doesn't matter how much you write. Can't get too many Sydney pictures.

So this post is all about the pictures!

Wednesday was picture day at preschool. Sydney doesn't have preschool on Wednesday, but parents are invited to bring their kids down for pictures anyway. So Sydney and I went on Wednesday just before the assigned time for Sydney's class.

As you can probably imagine with anything involving preschoolers (and toddlers and some kindergarteners) organizing and keeping on schedule for something like this isn't going to happen.  And it didn't.  We were there about 20 minutes past the scheduled time for Sydney's class.  But Sydney was very patient even if she was acting extremely shy for some reason and didn't want to leave my side.

When the class before us finished up they ushered her class in to do the group picture.  After that they took the individual pictures.  Since Sydney was there on an off day they took her in first for that.

So Sydney's first ever class pictures are taken and ordered.  I have no idea when they'll be here.

And now Grandma B can be happy because this whole post is about nothing but Sydney pictures.

What? What do you mean that's not what she meant?


Blogger Marguerite said...

If you promise me a hard copy Sydney picture I may be able to forgive you. :-)

8:54 AM  

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