Monday, May 25, 2009

Easter and Stuff

It's been way too long since I've updated. It's been a little busy and hectic. And I have lots to share that I won't get to in this post. And hopefully it won't take me long before I post again. We'll see.

Before going into the promised Easter update I'll share some other stories.

The following (approximate) conversation took place in our bathroom the morning of Saturday, April 25, 2009.

Anne: What's the date today?

Me: Uh, the 25th.

Anne: Did we both completely forget our anniversary yesterday?

Me: Yep.

So happy tenth anniversary to my wonderful, beautiful wife. I love you!

Sydney had her four year check up a couple weeks after her birthday. She weighed in at 44 pounds and had a height of 44 inches. She's a well-rounded little girl.

Sydney has also completed soccer. It was six weeks long and we missed the second-to-last week when we went to Santa Barbara. But Sydney really liked playing soccer (even if she was hesitant to get in there and kick the ball when others were around) and wants to do it again. The Autumn session starts in September and we'll be signing her up for that.

So now we dial back to Easter.

On Easter morning we got up and all went downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had visted. He had!

Sydney and Mommy on Easter

Then Sydney went around looking for Easter eggs.

Sydney Easter Egg hunts

A little later in the day we went over to Bill and Donna's house for Easter brunch. (That's where we went on Christmas Eve, too.) With all the snow melted we got to see the pond and waterfall out in the back yard. Bill let Sydney throw in fish food to see if the fish could be coaxed out of their hideaways in the rocks. And they came out.

Sydney Feeds Goldfish

Sydney brought her Easter bucket (that she made with Grandma B at her class) for the Easter egg hunt. After we ate the kids (Sydney and the four boys) went out in the back yard to look for eggs.

Sydney Looks for Eggs

The eggs were all plastic and had money, candy or little toys in them. In addtion to the eggs there was also a large toy hidden for each of them. Sydney got an Easter Mr. Potato Head.

Sydney's Easter Goodies

Here is a picture of three of the beautiful ladies at the Easter brunch: Jackie, Anne and Kathy.

Jackie, Anne and Kathy at Easter

And here's a picture of the cake Jackie made for dessert. Real flowers. All the other parts of the cake were edible.

Jackie's Easter Cake

And next time a post telling about our trip to Santa Barbara.