Sunday, February 25, 2007

Long Time No See

Egads. It's been almost a month since I updated. I really have no excuse other than lack of time.

Well, that was helped along by the fact that we bought a Nintendo Wii a few weeks ago. Man is it fun!

But really, we have been busy with life in general.

Sydney has several phrases she says regularly. "Uh oh." "I did it!" "All gone." "All done." "I got it." She's also partial to waving her hand over her food (like Mommy does to help cool it down) and saying, "hot," even if the food isn't hot.

A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen. Anne was on the sofa and Sydney was at her drawing table between the sofa and kitchen. She couldn't see Mommy from where she was. Anne accidentally knocked the remote off the arm of the sofa and it banged pretty loudly against the wall. Sydney went running around the sofa calling, "You okay? You okay?" Mommy assured her that she was fine.

Sydney is very helpful around the house. She will frequently pick up her toys without being asked. She really enjoys helping take the garbage out to the garage. (To which she exclaims, "I did it! I did it!")

The other day she grabbed a blue plastic cup out of the dishwasher while I was putting dishes away. She wouldn't give it to me so I had to lift her up (it goes on the top most shelf, of course) so she could put it away. ("I did it! I did it!")

Sydney really loves playing outside. And she doesn't care if it's cold out, either. She even helps us shovel the driveway when it snows.

Sydney Helps Shovel

This week is a short work week and then we're taking a week and a day of vacation. We're going to be staying home mostly, but we are going to try to head over to the Seattle area this coming weekend to visit Aunt Marta. She lives in Mount Vernon a little bit north of Seattle.

On vacation we have a few things to do around the house. The main one being trying to figure out what to do with the shower in our bathroom. We're starting to get a crack in the floor of it so it needs to be taken care of. I don't think repairing it will be a long-term option. And Anne has always wanted a tiled shower. So we'll be looking at tiles vacation week and trying to figure out if, how and when we'll be doing that.

Sydney's second birthday is coming up on April 5. We're going to have her party on Saturday, April 7. Grandma B will be here for a visit then. Aunt Marta won't be able to make it, but she'll probably be here the weekend before that. We don't know who else will be here.

And here's a picture of Sydney with two clips in her hair.

Sydney With Two Clips

She was very insistent this morning about getting a second one put in her hair. So she got it.

And then later in the day Sydney and Daddy crashed on the sofa while snuggling and watching television.

Sydney And Daddy Nap