Sunday, December 20, 2009

Two Visitors - One Week

Well, I got four posts done in November before I petered out. Not great. Not what I wanted to do, but better than I had been doing.

Also happening in November: we went to Disney on Ice. Sydney absolutely loved it. She had a great time. And got some extremely over priced souvenirs.

In the early part of December Anne brought Sydney down to the Resort and we took her out on the Holiday in Lights cruise. It goes around the Resort to see the Christmas light displays then goes across the lake to the "North Pole". We stay on the boat and Santa stays on the shore, but he comes outside and talks to the passengers. He reads out the kids' names.  Sydney, of course, got very excited when Santa read her name.

Long time readers might remember this picture:

That was Sydney's first tooth coming in when she was still a baby.

Well, today Sydney lost her first tooth.

It started to get loose about a month ago. Luckily, it was just a few days before she had a dentist appointment. Anne asked and the dentist said it was not too early for her adult teeth to start coming in. Especially since she started to get her baby teeth a little early.

In the picture you can see the bloody spot where the tooth came out. The adult tooth is already well on its way to growing in. You can see it quite well there.  Her tooth had been loose for a month or so and kept getting looser every day. She ran through a full range of emotions from being excited about it to being scared about it. To wanting the tooth to come out so the Tooth Fairy would visit to not wanting the Tooth Fairy to take her tooth.

The adult tooth started coming up behind her baby tooth, making it looser.  But it didn't knock all the roots out so it didn't come out yet.  Finally, today, Anne was looking at it. I suggested that Sydney try wiggling it side to side instead of front to back. Anne tried that and the tooth popped right out.

That other bottom front tooth is also starting to get loose and the adult tooth is starting to peek out behind it just like the first one did.

So Sydney had the Tooth Fairy visit her tonight. And Santa will be visiting in a few days. Two special visitors in one week.

And now here are some extra bonus pictures.

This morning I got to sleep in a little. When Anne and Sydney came to wake me up Sydney snuggled up with me. She declared that we were cute snuggling up and deserved to have our picture taken.  Anne obliged.

And again.  (You can see her loose tooth sticking out at an angle in this picture. Click to enlarge in case you didn't know.)

And then after her tooth came out she wanted another picture.