Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Uh Oh

This isn't the post I planned on making. And I hadn't planned on almost a month between updates, either.

We were sick this last weekend. All three of us. Neither Anne nor I went to work on Friday. It was miserable. We're all mostly better now. Just some dregs left.

On tha bad news front, however, Anne went to charge her iPod tonight. iTunes needed updating so she did. When she restarted she got a message that our hard drive would imminently be failing. We needed to back up any data we wanted and arrange to have it replaced.

Yay! Just what I wanted to do!

Good thing I purchased the warranty for this computer. (And used it once already when the power source failed last year.)

Currently the computer seems to be running all right. I'll be backing up some items to our secondary hard drive (ripped out of our old computer when we upgraded) tonight. Tomorrow I believe I will be buying a portable hard drive. If this thing keeps running long enough I'll further back things up there.

Next week is our last week of work before vacation. Then it's Super Bowl weekend and then we fly to San Diego for a little over a week the next day.

Our warranty is "in home" so I'm not sure when they'll be able to fix it. I think I'll tell them I just want it done in store. Then I can just drop it off and not worry about it if the repair goes through our trip. Plus I won't have to worry about scheduling a fix it appointment for when I'll be home.

I may type an update again before things get repaired, but we'll see. (No pictures or video, though. I don't want to strain this and potentially lose anything in a crash.)