Monday, November 10, 2008

Classes, Halloween and President Sydney

Lots of stuff for this post. As most of you know, Anne goes to bed early. So last Tuesday she did not know the results of the election until she got up to go to work and I told her. But she was watching the news for updates before bed.

Sydney asked what she was watching. Anne attempted to explain to Sydney about the men that were running for President and would be the ruler of our country. People were choosing who that wanted and whoever got the most votes would be the winner.

Sydney decided that sounded fine and told Anne that she wanted to be President. She will run with Daddy. (Anne thinks she thought of it as a running race.)

And, apparently, on Wednesday, Sydney was quite disappointed that she wasn't President.

As you can see in the following video, Sydney has gotten much better at dribbling a basketball. Her best time wasn't even captured on video. You might also note that she makes a great rebound, too.

One of the classes that I took Sydney to through the Parks & Recreation Department was to a fire station. I had been mentioning it to Sydney and she was quite excited about it. I had been avoiding mention the P-word part of the class. And then, a day or two before the class somebody told Sydney that there would be a park/playground there that we would be playing at, too. Suddenly Sydney no longer cared about the fire station, meeting the firemen and seeing a fire truck. She just wanted to go play at the park.


So after she ignored everything in the fire station, repeatedly whined about going to the park and refused to sit in the fire truck for a picture we finally went to the park.

Sydney on Clifford

Sydney on the Fireman Slide

As you can see she gladly took the fireman's hat they gave her.

One day a box arrived at the door. I had ordered some Redskins apparel online when they were having a sale. Sydney was quite excited to get something. She really likes her Redskins outfit. (Unfortunately, the hat is a bit small. I tried to make sure I got a "kids" hat, but their definition of "kids" is apparently "toddler," so it doesn't fit right.)

Sydney the Redskins Fan

The week before we went to Seattle we went out to Green Bluff to pick apples and pumpkins. As usual, we had a great time. Unfortunately, I forgot to take the camera. But I had my phone to take video with.

We picked apples.

Sydney wanted to ride back in the wagon.

And she picked her pumpkin.

The day we went to Seattle we had a Halloween class to go to. Since Mommy was off work for the trip she got to take Sydney. I finished up some errands for the trip and them met them for the rest of the class.

They got to wear their costumes to the class. Sydney was a Snow Princess this year.

Sydney the Snow Princess

But since crafts were involved in the class the costume didn't stay on for long. There was pumpkin painting.

Sydney Paints Her Pumpkin

And slime making.

Sydney and Mommy Make Slime

And at the end of the class they got to frost cookies and eat them.

Sydney Makes a Snack

Then came Halloween. Sydney was so excited this year (as opposed to last year, if you remember). Grandma and Grandpa M came over and watched Sydney so I could go to work in the morning. I got to come home in time to take Sydney out trick-or-treating with Mommy.

Sydney the Snow Princess

Sydney the Trick-or-Treating Snow Princess

The first stop was next door to trick-or-treat Grandpa M.

As you can tell from the video Sydney didn't quite have the timing down. At first she had trouble realizing she had to wait for the door to be opened before she said "trick or treat". But before too many houses she had it down pat.

You might also tell from that video that Sydney "likes blue". She doesn't get candy so isn't familiar with it. She doesn't know the different types, names and what they are. So whenever someone held the bowl out to her and asked what she would like she would reply by saying she liked whatever color of the wrapper.

We went around the block and got houses on both sides of the street. We avoided the scary house at the end of the block that frightened Sydney into ending the trick-or-treating early last year. Being the end of the day she was a little tired and was ready to finish up when we got around the block.

We finished up at our house where Grandma M was covering for us while we were out. Mommy asked if Sydney wanted to trick-or-treat Grandma. You can see the results here.

In case you didn't catch that, Sydney did want to trick-or-treat Grandma. When Grandma came to the door Sydney reached in her pumpkin, took out a couple pieces of candy and gave them to Grandma.

And the final Halloween video shows Sydney in her costume while enjoying some of her Halloween candy.

That weekend we spent a little time out in the yard. Sydney got to play in the leaves and Mommy got some good action shots of Sydney throwing leaves in the air. (You can see the rest of them over at my Picturetrail album. Link up there on the right.)

Sydney Throws Leaves

When Sydney saw these pictures on the computer her reaction was, "Look! I'm juggling leaves."

And last for now is a video of Sydney doing "Piggies" to me. If seeing my naked foot would either disgust or scandalize you, you might want to skip watching this video.