Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Socks and Aprons

Grandma B likes to knit.

Each year Anne and I get a pair of knitted birthday socks. Sometimes we go and pick out the yarn and colors we want at a local yarn shop and send it to Grandma B so she can make our socks with it. We pick out some yarn for Grandma B, too, to make her own birthday socks.

This year Anne decided she had enough socks and didn't need a new pair. (And then recently lost two pairs due to holes worn in the bottoms from wearing them so much.) But Sydney and I picked out yarn. Sydney even picked out yarn for Grandma B's socks. (I didn't see a post with a picture of those socks being completed, but I'm sure Grandma B will let me know if I missed it.)

This was the first time since before she was born that Grandma B was knitting socks for Sydney. I don't think she could have refused the request even if she had wanted to. Sydney picked out some pink-purple-greenish yarn for her socks.

Sydney was VERY excited when her socks arrived a few weeks ago. She jumped up and down and squealed a bit. Unfortunately, I didn't get that reaction on video. But here she is trying on her socks.

And here's Sydney happily wearing her socks.

Sydney in Her Birthday Socks

And here's Sydney showing how much she loves her birthday socks.

Sydney Loves Her Birthday Socks

If you would like to see a better picture of what the socks look like you can see them here over at Grandma B's knitting blog.

My socks arrived yesterday. Mine are a beautiful green yarn. Grandma B used a cross-pattern something or other to knit the upper part of them. This uses a lot of yarn, apparently, and she had to contact her knitting friend in Idaho to get her some more of the yarn to finish the socks.

They turned out wonderfully and are absolutely gorgeous. I wore them today for St. Patrick's Day.

Daddy Loves His Birthday Socks

And since you can't see the socks very well in that picture you can see a much better picture of them over at Grandma B's knitting blog.

A couple weeks ago Sydney and I also got presents in the mail from Aunt Helena. They were either late Christmas presents or early birthday presents. I'm not sure. But Sydney and I both really like them and we don't care.

They are Washington Redskins aprons for when we grill. Washington is my (our!) favorite football team.

Sydney and Daddy in Redskins Aprons

The koala bear Sydney is holding is the koala bear puppet my online Australian friend Nettie gave her when we met in Seattle in October.