Monday, March 15, 2010

Catch Up - Christmas

Hmm. Apparently it's been a while since I've done one of these things. Well, hope you like lots of pictures.

Sydney drew this picture all by herself on her Magna Doodle drawing board thingy. It is a picture of her family. Pictures are (from left to right) Grandma B, Mommy, Daddy, Sydney, Grandma and Grandpa M.

For Christmas we went over to Mark and Jackie's on Christmas Eve. Sydney spent some time playing Mario Kart with the boys.

Then she waited patiently while everyone came in and presents were sorted and handed out.

She got the Hungry, Hungry Hippo game and a tea set. Both were things she really, really wanted.

And she still has a thing for bows.

Christmas morning arrived and we had breakfast while we waited for Grandma and Grandpa M to come over.Imagine Sydney's surprise when she got to her breakfast spot at the counter and found a new Tinkerbell plate, cup and bowl set from Santa waiting there.

Peeking over the sofa as we came down the stairs in the morning was a lion! It turned out to be a pillow pet. Sydney loved it and sat on it while she opened presents. Below that is a picture of her holding up an Abby Cadabby (from Sesame Street) shirt she got.

After all the excitement of opening presents it was time to relax. Tea with Grandma M is a good way to relax.

And then maybe take a nap with Mommy in Sydney's new sleeping bag with her new pillow pet as a pillow.


Blogger Nettie said...

The photo of you guys taken on Christmas Eve is just gorgeous! It looks like you all (but especially Sydney) had a wonderful time!

1:49 AM  

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