Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Snow! Sorta.

We've been getting sporadic snow over the last few weeks. It will snow and then melt within a day, usually.

A week and a half ago I woke up on Saturday to find snow on the ground. No one told the snow it was in the mid-30s and way too warm for snow to stick, apparently.

Sydney had only had one other experience in snow, so we bundled up and headed out. Previously, Sydney had enjoyed the falling snow as it landed on her face. It had stopped snowing before we got outside this time, though. And the snow wasn't very deep and was too slushy to sit her down in to play. So we settled on taking a picture of her with Mommy outside enjoying the atmosphere the snow presented.

Sydney and Mommy Enjoy the Snow

The snow was melted within two hours of this picture being taken.

Later that day, or maybe the next, Sydney and Mommy were enjoying looking out the front window. Sydney likes to be propped up over the back of the sofa and just look outside.

Sydney and Mommy Enjoy the View

In other news, Sydney seems to be getting more and more teeth. She almost constantly has a hand in her mouth in one way or another. We haven't gotten many good looks in, but occasionally we manage to catch a glimpse. We have seen a molar on her left, bottom jaw peeking through.

Also, the professional pictures are all back and framed. They're wrapped in bubble wrap and ready to be shipped away. Unfortunately, I still need to make some copies of the photo shoot DVDs to stick in the boxes. But the pictures will hopefully be shipped within a week. If you're getting a box you will be notified shortly after shipping.

I think that's all I've got. Maybe there will be something even more exciting to report next time. Sydney seems to change a little bit everyday. We're expecting her to go mobile anytime. You never know what may come up!


Blogger Marguerite said...

What a pleasant Wednesday morning surprise to find a blog post here and some new pictures of my adoreable and quickly growing granddaughter.

I've spend many a moment holding Sydney up on the back of the couch so she could look out that window. The pictures brings back many pleasant memories.

8:51 AM  

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