Sunday, October 02, 2005

Anything Beside Baby News? No!

Edit in before I post: Happy Birthday to my Step-Dad, Bob. Every year I seem to let his birthday sneak up on me and I never realize it until it's too late. Sorry, Bob. Happy Birthday.

Well, what a surprise. There's baby news to share. And some new pictures, too.

Sydney had her first spoon-fed meal today. I would say it was "solid food," but I hardly think the soupy rice cereal she ate required much chewing. But I know that the feeding process requires baby steps (excuse the pun) for her to develop into bigger and better foods.

Sydney's First Meal 2

Sydney still isn't rolling over yet, but I think she's getting ready to. This morning she started rocking her hips. She did it when I was changing her diaper, a little while later after Anne fed her and we had her between us in bed, and then numerous times when she was playing on the floor. She just rocks her hips back and forth several times like she's gearing up to roll over.

She will roll onto her side and has been doing that for some time. She lifts her legs up like she does all the time and then will roll onto her side until her legs stop her. She can then roll back onto her back by herself. If she could just figure out how to get those legs out of the way she could roll over.

Sydney's teeth are causing her to learn and practice all sorts of facial expressions. And for those curious, Sydney "almost" has four teeth now. Her two bottom teeth are well in. Her top left tooth (on the right as you look at her) has been in for a while, but still has a ways to grow. Her right tooth broke through a week or so ago. It was there. We saw the white where it broke through her gum. But now there's no white. It's like it receded. We'll be asking the doctor about that on Monday.

Otherwise Sydney is having a good time and playing with all sorts of mouth and face muscles. She sticks out her tongue a lot. She even sucks on her teeth (and gums) while keeping her tongue completely inside her mouth. For a while she would pout for no apparent reason. She was happy as could be and then the bottom lip would just come out. Then it would go away. And then come out again. (Practicing for teenage years?) I haven't noticed her doing that much over the last few days, though.

Sydney's Bottom Lip

Sydney seems enthralled every time I wear a baseball-style hat. She'll look up at it and frequently reach for it if she thinks she's close enough. Sometimes I'll let her and sometimes I'll even let her take it off my head. If she does she tries to chew on it. Usually she has it at the wrong angle and can't get a bite on it. She drops it before too long.

I had a great picture of her with the hat on. Unfortunately, it was blurry. I'll be taking another one and get it posted. She's too cute with the hat on. And she hardly seems to even notice she's wearing it. She doesn't really reach up to try to take it off.

Sydney is sitting up for longer periods of time on her own. Today she had several stretches where she sat and played on the floor for ten minutes or more on her own with hardly a wobble and nary a nudge to put her back upright.

Sydney has her six-month check up on Monday. Her six-month birthday is on Wednesday. I hope to post again on Wednesday night with her six-month Fievel picture, the hat picture (hopefully) and any other miscellaneous shots we take between now and then. And, of course, I will post any doctor news then, too.


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Great picture Dad!

Glad that girl finally got some food. Now maybe she can grow a little taller. LOL

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