Sunday, October 29, 2006


On October 17 we flew to Michigan to visit my family. We were only there for a few days and we flew back on October 21.

The trip went amazingly well. Sydney was great on the plane. She had her own seat and we took her car seat. She's used to being in it so even though she was in it for very long periods of time she was fine. She did have one minor meltdown each way, though.

On the way there Anne told her not to kick the seat in front of her. She thought she was in trouble and started to cry a little. Combined with being tired from being woken up at least two hours before she normally would have gotten up and probably being hungry she had a minor crying meltdown. But Anne comforted her and she was her happy self once again within a couple minutes. We even got complimented on how well she behaved from the flight attendants. (Of course, there was a real screamer on the flight, so it was an easy comparison.)

On the way back she slept most of the flight from Minneapolis to Spokane. But about 45 minutes before we landed she woke up. She was in a strange place and couldn't get right back to sleep. She started crying. Comforting didn't work so Anne took her in the bathroom and changed her. (I'm too tall to be comfortable in airplane bathrooms by myself, let alone try to change Sydney's diaper in one.) She was fine when they got back and then stayed awake the last half hour as we landed.

This trip was partly to see family and partly to take care of some things related to my father's death back in June. It was a good trip and I'm glad we went.

Grandma B is coming out for a visit in a little over a week. Having Sydney visit her was good warm up for that. Sydney also got to meet family members she hasn't had a chance to meet before.

Sydney Meets Grandpa B

Grandpa B is my stepfather. He's not a flier so probably won't be coming to Idaho for a visit anytime soon. Sydney was glad to meet him and I was glad to see him again and be able to have a talk with him.

Sydney Meets Tom And Judy

Sydney also got to meet my friend Tom and his wife Judy. Tom was one of the groomsmen at our wedding. Tom was my high school marching band instructor. After I graduated from high school I stuck around and helped out as the marching band drum line instructor for several years. Tom and I became good friends over that time. And while I'm very comfortable calling him by his first name now it is very weird transitioning from calling a teacher Mr./Mrs./Ms. Whatever to calling them by their first name.

Sydney, Daddy, Great Grandpa B and Jean

Sydney also got to meet her Great Grandpa B. He is my father's father. The lady on the sofa with us is a friend of the family. She came to help out around the house when Great Grandma B passed away a couple years ago (which was apparently shortly after Jean's husband passed away). I'm not sure of the whole situation and I'm not sure I want to know, but she was a very nice lady.

Sydney And Cousin Kimmy

Cousin Kimmy met Sydney last August when Sydney was four months old. Sydney probably didn't remember it.

Cousin Kimmy inherited her mother's curse. No matter what kind of picture is being taken, no matter how aware they are of it, no matter how much they try to look and smile nice for the camera they always end up having some weird look on their face. It doesn't matter. It just happens.

Sydney And Cousin Kimmy 2

But there's a good picture of Cousin Kimmy. And the cat is Cocoa (or Coco?).

We were in Michigan very close to Cousin Kimmy's birthday. Because of that we took her out shopping to buy her birthday present. We then met up with Grandma B and Great Grandma M for a birthday dinner at Chili's. I suggested that we could find a perfectly acceptable present at the Good Will store, but I got over ruled and we went to Target instead.

Sydney, Daddy and Aunt Heather

Here's Aunt Heather's obligatory bad picture. The look on Sydney's face is priceless. I'm not sure if she's wondering what's wrong with her face, if she's really related to her, or both.

But to be fair, here's a much better picture of Aunt Heather:

Sydney, Daddy and Aunt Heather 2

And here's everybody after the birthday dinner. (Except Mommy who took the picture.)

Sydney And The Clan

At the hotel room Sydney really liked the large mirror they had on the wall. She was always playing in it. There was a smudge on it where she kept kissing herself.

Sydney Kisses Herself

And as much as Sydney loves dogs the trip wouldn't have been complete without a trip out to Grandma B's house to meet her dogs.

Sydney Meets Sunny And Pappy

Sydney loved the three dogs. Sunny and Pappy are the two papillons in the picture. Glory the lab isn't pictured here, but has a picture in the photo gallery (link to the right). Sydney got to feed them all liver bites. They normally get them as rewards at doggy school, but Grandma B figured it would be a good way to make friends fast. Sydney loved every second of it. And the dogs did, too.

We had a lot crammed in to the little bit of time we were in Michigan. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone. I missed out on a picture with (Step-) Grandma B (my step-mother and father's widow) and her little dog Jasmine. Jasmine loves children and Sydney was no exception. They tuckered each other right out playing.

We also met up with my Aunt Bev and Cousin Lesli. We all got to meet Lesli's four-year-old son Hunter for the first time. (The three of us, not Aunt Bev.) I also got to see Kaylee, my Cousin Alan's daughter (she's Aunt Bev's granddaughter) again. And I saw Cousin Alan for a few minutes in passing.


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her hair looks so dark now! So weird to see Mr B--I didn't recognize him at first in that pic. Glad you had a nice trip.

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