Sunday, August 27, 2006

Giant Bear!

A week ago today (Sunday) we were out shopping and we ran into Laura. Laura is one of the Operators at the Resort. She's a very nice lady. I work with her usually four nights a week (I'm her department manager) and we get along very well.

Laura asked if Sydney would like a giant teddy bear. Two of her granddaughters had outgrown it. Laura's daughter was going to get rid of it but Laura told her she would do no such thing and took it.

Laura also informed us that the bear was too big for her to bring into work so we would need to stop over and get it sometime. We said sure.

Laura called just as we were pulling off the highway on our way home. She lives in the same town we do so we headed over.

When we got there Laura brought the bear out. It is a giant teddy bear without trying to exaggerate the word 'giant' one bit. If it could stand it would easily be five feet tall.

We sat and chatted for a little while and Sydney enjoyed playing with Laura's dogs.

When we got home the bear ended up between Sydney's crib and toy box. That was really the only place there was room for it.

On Monday or Tuesday I took some pictures of Sydney with the bear. I would plop her in front of it and then scoot back and grab the camera. She either thought it was a game, really wanted to be with me, or was scared of the bear. She would almost immediately crawl over to me.

Sydney Escapes the Bear

For the record, she isn't scared of the bear. And there was certainly no fear in any of her actions. But she also didn't really hesitate much to get away from the bear.

After several failed attempts to get a picture of Sydney with the bear I tried a different tact. I actually told Sydney what we were doing. I asked her to go over by the bear so I could get a picture of her with it. So she did.

Sydney Snuggles With The Bear

You can see that she was still a little hesitant about being near the bear. And as soon as I snapped the picture she crawled right back over to me.

I asked her to go back over to the bear for one more picture. And I asked her to hug it. She did.

Sydney Hugs The Bear

That picture is actually the tail end of the hug. I was a little slow with the camera. At the point of that picture she is done hugging and is moving to crawl back to me.

Over the next few days Sydney would play with the bear foot. You can see in the second picture how it sits on the corner of the quilt on the floor. That's the quilt we put Sydney on when we change her upstairs. Sometimes she would roll on her side and hug the foot. Sometimes she would put her face on it. Sometimes she would just stroke it or hit it with her hand.

This morning (Sunday) she actually crawled over to the bear to kick back and relax. Mommy got a good picture of it.

Sydney Relaxes With The Bear

And that is Sydney's giant bear. It doesn't have a name yet. I figured Sydney will name it when she's ready (and is actually talking).

There are some other, new non-bear pictures in my photo album, too. Link to the right.


Blogger Marguerite said...

Tall bear for a tall girl. Is it a trick of the camera, or has she been growing some more?

As always, thanks for the pictures. It makes my day to see a new Sydney post.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Steph said...

Hi, I am a friend of Marta's, used to work with her in Utah (we're in SC now) and she sent the link to your blog after we had our son, Brady, who is 10 months old. He's also a big boy, consistently "off the chart" on height and 95th percentile in weight. I love reading about Sydney since she's a few months ahead of Brady and also a big baby. Just thought I'd tell you I really enjoy your blog. :)

9:19 AM  

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