Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bonk. OWIE!

Sydney likes to get into the cabinets of the entertainment center right under the television. She pulls the movies out. (They're all "her" movies, so we let her.) She scatters them around the immediate area in front of the entertainment center. Sometimes she'll stack them haphazardly back in one of the cabinets. Sometimes she sticks them in the magazine rack.

It usually looks a lot like this (except without Grandma B and with a lot more movies on the floor):

Sydney and Grandma B Play

On Monday (Memorial Day) Sydney crawled over to the cabinets and opened the left one. As she leaned over to open the right one she lost her balance and fell over. She hit her head on the bottom of the cabinet. She got upset and cried, of course. But while being comforted by Mommy she almost acted like she didn't want to cry and was trying to make herself not cry.

It took a minute or so before we realized where she hit herself. We thought it was on the side of her head on her cheek. But it wasn't. She got a small scratch right at her eye.

Sydneys Owie

We tried to put ice on it but she wouldn't let us. Luckily it didn't swell up. There was no damage to the eye. (We didn't see a doctor for it, but there was no visible damage to the eye.) We just had a slightly upset baby and more upset parents and grandparents (Grandma and Grandpa M were visiting).

Sydney is still bopping away to music. She's still trying to feed herself, though she hasn't gotten the hang of using a spoon. It's almost exclusively hands right now. (Two pictures in the photo album of her eating pasta that I won't post here.)

She is just starting to get her canines. Another week or so (or month if they're like her molars were) and we should be getting them coming through. Right now there are just the faintest hints that they are starting.


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