Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I thought I'd spend a post to answer some comments that were left.

Grandma B said:
When short of time, you can always post pictures and make my day.

Well, no I can't always. The processing and uploading of the pictures is actually what takes the longest and is usually what keeps me from updating as much as I would like.

When I take pictures of Sydney I take lots and have to sort through those and decide which to keep. Then I have to upload them. While I have a high-speed connection, my camera actually takes pictures at a high resolution, so the files can take a bit to upload. Especially when I have ten or more to do.

Unfortunately, we have also been a little lax about taking pictures recently. I know. We're terrible for keeping the pictures from the grandparents. But at least we're honest about it.

I will always make every effort to get you updates AND pictures in as timely a manner as I can.

MadCarlotta said:
It's too bad you don't live closer so Sydney and Trinity can play together.

I know! Wouldn't that be fun and wonderful?

You don't have any plans for moving to Idaho anytime soon, do you?

Beth wrote:
Hey guess what? You can cut the sleeves off of her long sleeved elmo shirt. She's just going to outgrow it anyway! Did you even find a new shirt?

Well, actually the long-sleeved shirt is a 4T. We got that toward the end of the winter and bought that size hoping she would still be able to fit in it next fall. We think she will. The sleeves are currently a little long on her, though the torso is just about the right length.

And, yes, we did find two shirts at Penney's. They are boy's shirts, but they work. One is yellow and red and the other is red and blue. (Body and sleeves/neck being different colors.)

Beth also wrote:
How are you and Anne doing? You never write about yourselves anymore.

That's mainly because the little time I have to blog I want to keep grandparents happy and give them Sydney updates. But we're doing well, thank you.

Not to mention that Anne and I rarely do anything exciting that is worth telling about. During the week we rarely see each other for more than thirty minutes a day. And on the weekends we're mostly doing things around the house or running errands. Not much to get excited about.

But I'll try to tell you more about us in future posts. This weekend is Post Falls Days. It's a big carnival/craft/food thing they have at the largest beach/park in the city. The Italian sausage guy that I have talked about many a time in the past sets up for that. We'll be going and I'll be getting Italian sausage this weekend.


In other news, our weed whacker is broken. And we just bought it last year. It's still under warranty, though. I just need to find a place that services the warranty and get it there. And stop procrastinating, too.

Now, in Sydney news, she got her first haircut this past weekend. There are no pictures of the event because I was busy mowing the lawn at the time. But I'm told Sydney was well behaved in her chair and quietly ate some strawberries while Mommy trimmed her up.

Here's a picture of her after the fact pointing to exactly which hair got cut.

Sydneys First Haircut

And here's a picture of her by one of the many LEGO Quatro towers she's had me build recently.

Sydney And Her Tower

She has gotten quite good at sticking the bricks together. She is a stacker, though, and not much on the foresight yet. Whichever brick she pulls out gets put on the top of the tower no matter how lop-sided and uneven it becomes. So I help guide her and put bricks where they will help everything stack up nice and high. (But sometimes I just let her stack them, too, and fall over when they will.)

Sydney gets great joy out of stacking them, having them stay up, having them fall over or pushing them over. She doesn't care. She just likes to "play blocks" with Daddy.


Blogger Marguerite said...

OK. Grandma B will stop nagging for pictures. Guess I'll just have to buy a plane ticket and fly to Idaho to see that cute, curly headed little sweetheart.

12:11 PM  
Blogger oppiejoe said...

Awesome tower :)

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Marta said...

Sydney's crazy Aunt Marta here. Hey, no worries on pix and blogs not being updated quickly. As a professional in the publishing business, I know how much time it takes to edit photos and write. Everyone thinks it's fast but it's not, even in daily journalism it takes time. It just goes fast because there's a number of people doing all those task. Glad to get the posts when you can get to them. (Heck, my live journal has exactly two, count them two entries, with less than 12 words total.) Hug Sydney for me.

1:53 PM  

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